How We Market Your Properties

  1. Multiple Listing Service ("MLS")
    The MLS is by far the most effective means of communicating throughout the world that a property is for sale or for lease. And, the Houston Association of REALTORS
    MLS is THE award winning, most consumer-oriented MLS in the country.
  2. Direct Mail and Flyers
     Stephens Properties prides itself on our dedication to discerning the best way to not only advertise your property, but to determine the most effective manner in which to send out direct mail. In this day and age, computerized advertising and distribution is the way to go.
  3. Networking
    Our real estate agents take pride in representing our clients' interests. Whenever we are at a gathering, on the phone, or just involved in casual conversation, we are tuned-in to hear a want or need of a consumer or a real estate licensee.